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We are committed to providing quality customer care. Here are a few reviews from recent families with their thoughts on how we did.

    review rating 5  My great-grandmother passed away; she was the backbone to very large family and it was a great loss all the way down to the great-great grandchildren. We called Family First and felt really comfortable the duration of the conversation, after asking for pricing. First, it was unbelievable the cost variance for the area we live in (The Woodlands). The service is what was even more unbelievable. The staff was attentive and extremely respectful. Sounds absurd, but it was a pleasant experience considering such sad circumstances. I highly recommend Family First Cremation Services when you are faced with such a loss. Grace

    thumb Grace L.

    review rating 5  This is a place where you will find comfort. Diane was so compassionate and a great listener. She made all arrangements per our wishes and also offered great advice and options that we were not aware of. Family First Cremation was absolutely top-notch, anticipating everything we needed during a difficult time.

    thumb Familia Rodriguez

    review rating 5  Family First helped our family in creating the most detail oriented and perfect service for our beloved Aunt, Rosemary Salazar. Diane Lee and her staff took great time explaining options available and custom tailoring a memorial and burial service that was flawlessly executed. My aunt bravely fought cancer for years, but no one would have known by seeing how beautiful and peaceful she looked when I said my final goodbyes. Thank you is hardly enough to express our family’s heartfelt gratitude.

    thumb TES Inc

    review rating 5  The funeral director Diane Lee was very pleasant and patient with me and my family’s needs in our time of despair. The prices were very competitive and reasonable compared to other large corporate run funeral homes. I highly recommend Family First Cremation Services for excellent care.

    thumb Lisa Del Toro

    review rating 5  When your world has suddenly stood still, and the unexpected & unimaginable happens. A loved one, A Dad, A Sister or a best friend passes away. You need a person, You need an Angel to gracefully guide your family through this difficult time. While honoring your loved one. With a knack for the smallest, most meaningful details. Diane, has a calling, even beyond that she has a Passion for handling every detail in the most loving, smooth and gentle way. She is truly an Anchor, in a horribly chaotic sea of decisions, emotions and uncertainty. She is a Master at the personal, elegant and graceful goodbyes. Her heart is breaking for your family, while She's being One of God's Soldiers, steadfast, loving, respectful, honorable and strong for your loved one and your family. Please allow yourself the least amount of stress as possible and let this amazing woman handle every detail and all of your family's needs, as they may surface. So that you nor your family ever have to feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. But rather she helps you remember the little moments, the toughest moments, the moments you'll carry in your heart for your lifetime. Many Blessings, Love, Respect to you, Diane and all those your amazing spirit touches. You have helped my family in ways I'm not sure you could ever truly understand. You are Amazing at what you do, I am in awe of you and the woman you are! #FamilyFirstCremationServices #Angel #Anchor #Dignified

    thumb Jenny Lynn

    review rating 5  Diane was extremely helpful during this life changing event and super personable to our family’s needs. Thank you for everything I can’t express enough what a sad but joyful service to remember my father and It couldn’t of fallen into place as it did without the services of Family First Cremation.

    thumb Tamara Luthe

    review rating 5  Thank you for making these process much easier than I anticipated. There was no pressure, no sales tactics and that really eased my Mother’s mind. We wish we had come to you first!

    thumb Margaret Ballic

    review rating 5  Thank you Diane for making such a difficult process so much easier. I wish you all the best. There should be more of you in these funeral homes we went to before you, you made of feel like family.

    thumb Elizabeth M. Sayers

    review rating 5  Diane Lee (owner and operator at Family First) is the only funeral director I’ve ever met that truly put OUR family, OUR needs and OUR budget FIRST. She went the extra mile to ensure my grandmother’s final wishes were realized. While I know there was no guarantee, Diane was able to schedule the church my grandmother wanted. My grandmother’s video was beautiful and everything from the flowers to the prayers cards were exactly as we discussed. We ordered several mementos in remembrance of my grandmother that were beautiful and delivered in line with what Diane said - same is true for death certificates. Now that we’ve experienced Diane Lee’s level of service, we will exclusively use Family First during our future times of need. I don’t usually write reviews, but given the fact that this positive will resonate for years, 5 stars was well-deserved by Diane.

    thumb Roberta Konicki

    review rating 5  Diane and her team at Family First took care of my Grandmothers service and burial arrangements. Diane was so warm and took charge of everything right away. She knew the right people to connect with and made sure everything was top of the line and to my family's liking. This woman must have genie powers because she knew how to comfort us all and knew what we needed before we even voiced it. She made sure the service ran perfectly all while being professional, approachable and poised. She and her team are the people you need when your loved one passes. Honest, reliable and caring. Thank you Diane, you did an amazing job.

    thumb Amber Grey

    review rating 5  Diane and Jimmy are the best at what they do. Our family lost our brother under the most tragic circumstances. We were angry, sad and overwhelmed with emotions. Diane has this innate ability to walk us through with understanding and very sensitive to the feelings we struggling with when we met with her. Jimmy was there for the funeral and he followed those same qualities as Diane. Thank you Family First. You are a blessing to our family.

    thumb Casey Adams

    review rating 5  Family First and Diane Lee were recommended and they made such a difference to me and my brothers at a very difficult time. Diane made sure to understand my circumstances and her guidance was invaluable the entire way thru. She provided clarity, patience and compassion ensuring I could focus on all the details for my dad’s services. I am thankful for her kindness, care and professionalism which provided much needed comfort following my father’s passing.

    thumb Ruth M

    review rating 5  Very helpful and kind. All about ensuring they are providing for all your needs.

    thumb D Williams

    review rating 5  I met Diane through an acquaintance of my brother who had passed away suddenly. My family and I weren't prepared financially to send my brother off so I reached out to Diane for cremation purposes as it has been known to be of less cost compared to a burial. My family and I met with her and she was the most welcoming, sympathetic, and wonderful person to work with. She met and fulfilled our needs way beyond our expectations with the upmost respect and professionalism I have ever endured. She always stayed in contact to keep us informed of any changes and has been the best, a true blessing. Even now as I write this review we have reached out to her again for her services as another beloved family member has been called upon. We met again and she has not lost a step, was great, professional, and overall wonderful more than anyone could ever imagine. I HIGHLY recommend Family First Cremation Services for your cremation, funeral services for your loved ones.

    thumb Mark Gonzalez

    review rating 5  Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding of my difficult situation. You made a horrible time easier and simpler.

    thumb Andrea Arthur

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