Our Story


When I envisioned establishing a cremation service and funeral home of my own, I knew  I wanted to set myself apart from all others. In addition to be a cost effective options for families,  I wanted a  to create space that is functional for gatherings and celebrations of life.

I opened my doors to Family First in April 17, 2017.

I chose the name Family First because in my experience, I could see the families were not necessarily first.  Families should not have to spend additional costs to constitute better service.

When you personalize a service, you should not have to add an abundance of expenses.  We believe in the concept behind customizing, designing, or personalizing your loved one’s services. By syncing the creativity of the family and experienced funeral director, we strive to have the best memorial possible.

As Family First grew, we started offering Traditional Funeral/Burial Services and International & National Transportation.

Our experienced funeral directors will provide your family with excellent service and the comfort of affordability

~ Diane Lee

| Owner| Licensed Funeral Director| Embalmer

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