About Us

Diane Lee 

Owner and Founder

When I envisioned establishing a cremation service and funeral home of my own, I knew over the years of experience, I wanted to set myself apart from all others.  I opened my doors to Family First in April of 2017I chose the name Family First because in my experience, I could see the families were not necessarily first. Families should not have to spend additional costs to constitute better service.

Compassion, transparency, and honesty is what drives Family First.


I am a huge advocate for celebrating life customized to a loved one’s legacy. In my experience, families who chose cremation felt that they had to use a traditional funeral home with high expenses for the same service Family First provides.  In addition, Family First does traditional burials, church services, graveside services and international transport for you loved.

When you personalize a service, you should not have to add an abundance of expenses.  This concept behind customizing, designing or personalizing your loved one’s services is to bring in the creativity of the family and director to bring ideas together that have little to no cost.

When you combine hard sells, hidden fees, and overwhelming options to families you’re not putting them first. I wanted the name of my establishment to mirror my beliefs when caring for families. I will not limit a family to online arrangements if they want to meet in person.  To meet in person gives a sense of comfort and a face to the person caring for your family.  We will always offer the option of online arrangements.




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